Rhonda Togipau

Working in a leadership role in the dynamic call centre industry, Rhonda Togipau understands that change is inevitable. It’s why she decided to get a degree in business transformation to add to her considerable work experience.

“It’s important to have the expertise to recognise where change is required, when perhaps others may not be able to see it,” she explains.

Through the Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning (CAPL) at Ara, Rhonda completed a Bachelor of Applied Management in Transformation and Change.

Instead of having to complete every course within the degree, thanks to CAPL’s assessment process Rhonda was able to have her work experience translated into credits towards the qualification.

Part of the CAPL process involved giving a three-hour presentation to an assessment panel of Ara business tutors and independent academic specialists. She describes it as an invigorating experience.

“It reinforced my own growth, understanding and knowledge of the business industry. I was able to reflect on my experiences throughout my career; to embrace the highs and lows and to build that into a presentation that illustrated my understanding of business transformation.”

In turn, the feedback Rhonda received from the panellists was a highlight of her Ara experience. “I’ve been in leadership roles for a number of years and you don’t always receive in-depth feedback about your performance or progression. I found it to be invaluable and a pleasure to receive their input, as well as a rewarding experience for my personal development.”

Rhonda says the programme suited her style of learning and was flexible enough to fit in with her busy lifestyle. “The other significant reason I chose Ara was my first impressions of the people there. They were very supportive and personable. From the outset I felt I was in great hands and that they were invested in supporting me to achieve the goals I’d set myself.”

Similarly, she found the team at CAPL to be approachable, professional and hands-on. “I always felt that I was learning in a caring environment. It allowed me to thrive and enjoy the learning opportunity.”