Felix Becker

Significant demand for quantity surveyors in New Zealand is motivating many people to study the National Diploma in Quantity Surveying at CPIT (now Ara Institute of Technology). One of those people, Felix Becker, graduated with his diploma in November 2014 but even before he'd completed his qualification he'd been snapped up by an employer.

"I was interested in getting into the construction industry and I'd heard that qualified quantity surveyors were in hot demand," he says. "Having an attention for detail and being good with numbers, it felt like the right career to pursue."

Felix liked the structure of the programme. "We started from square one, learning all the basics and building a good general understanding from the ground up. When we were ready to move along, the course progressed to more complicated and advanced aspects of the qualification. This ensured that everyone developed their knowledge without being thrown in at the deep end."

Site visits and learning about the construction of commercial buildings were highlights for Felix. "I loved the field trips – visiting construction sites, material production factories and workshops. They gave an in-depth understanding of what we were learning in class and how it's applied in industry."

Felix says his tutors had a good knowledge of the course content and the industry. "The tutors were approachable and always happy to help explain things. They also had an interest in how everyone in the class was going, and helping them get work experience and jobs."

Half way through the two-year programme, Felix saw a junior quantity surveying job advertised at CPIT's career centre. He applied, had an interview and landed the job. A few months later, he was offered another job – this time with Hawkins Construction.

"Hawkins is one of the largest construction companies New Zealand. It was an offer I couldn't refuse."

Felix says there are plenty of opportunities for him to develop his knowledge and skills in the industry. "I plan on staying in Christchurch for the immediate future but I'm definitely keen to work overseas at some point."