Alexander Lee

Information technology graduate Alexander Lee's interest in computers started as a child playing video games. "I began to wonder how computers worked and decided to find out. I started playing around with settings and learning lot of stuff. It was interesting."

Today Alexander is a qualified and experienced computer professional. He works as a conversions technical consultant for Sydney-based LEAP legal software, which provides practice management software to around 11,000 small law firms.

"I'm in charge of the conversion, implementation and quality assurance of data into the LEAP cloud. My day-to-day activities include solving big data problems, upholding data quality and building client relationships."

Before pursuing his career in IT, Alexander gained a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology from CPIT (now Ara Institute of Technology). "My brother suggested I study at CPIT. He told me that the classes take a practical approach, and for me that's the best way to learn something. It felt good to be doing things, rather than just writing things down."

Alexander got to explore and experience all the different areas of IT before deciding to focus his studies on networking. "It was good to have the flexibility to choose courses that I was interested in, and to receive advice on which courses would suit me best."

Alexander says his tutors were helpful beyond the call of duty. They would work overtime to be there for their students. And their teaching style was fun and interesting and they involved the whole class."

For his industry project, Alexander and some of his classmates created an IT roadmap for City Care Limited. "It was a great confidence boost – we all came out with A+ grades and it felt good to contribute to the efficiency of Christchurch's rebuild through City Care."