Yui Okii

International student Yui Okii

A scholarship to study English in New Zealand has been a fascinating experience for Japanese university student Yui Okii.

The international politics and law student came to CPIT (now Ara Institute of Canterbury) wanting to meet lots of foreigners, which is exactly what she's done. "CPIT is quite big and there are many nationalities. Meeting other people has been a highlight of my scholarship."

Yui says being able to speak English is becoming increasingly important in Japan. "Recently companies require you to be able to speak English, but it is difficult to learn it alone in Japan."

Yui enjoys the close relationship between teachers and students. "The staff are lovely and friendly and one of my favourite things is there aren't many people in each class."

When Yui returns to Japan, she'd like to get a job using her new English skills, "for example an English teacher in high school, or a tour guide".

Yui encourages other English language students to talk to as many English speakers as they can.

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