Leonilda Navarro Castillo

International student Leonilda

Leonilda Navarro Castillo from the Dominican Republic is studying computer science in Switzerland and learning her third language, German.

She learnt her second language, English, at CPIT (now Ara Institute of Canterbury) in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Leonilda studied the Certificate of Attainment in English. "The teaching methods were good and the tutors had prepared all the tools that they needed for each class," she says.

As part of her course, Leonilda analysed newspapers and wrote reports about everyday topics like houses, the weather and places. She says the highlight was making a presentation in English to her fellow students, giving her opinion of the course and telling them about her plans for the future.

Leonilda particularly liked the interactions she had with her classmates, outside of the classroom. "I enjoyed spending time with students of different nationalities."

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