Kazuya Okayama

International Student Kazuya Okayama

Kazuya Okayama is excited to have completed a student exchange at CPIT (Ara Institute of Canterbury) in Christchurch at a time when the city is in recovery mode. "Christchurch is an exciting place to be. There is so much happening," he says.

The innovativeness of Kiwis has impressed Kazuya during a challenging time for Christchurch. He particularly likes the new city centre mall which is made out of containers. "I love shopping in the new city centre. The containers are very unique, bright and busy with people," he says.

On campus, Kazuya enjoys spending time at Café X hanging out with his classmates and practising his English with them. "I have many friends from around the world and we all help each other to learn English," he says.

He also spends a lot of time in the Language Self Access Centre (LSAC) at the Library, which has excellent resources for students learning English. "The learning resources here are very good," he says.

There are many sporting activities available to students and Kazuya has enjoyed playing soccer and trekking. Every Tuesday a special sports day is held at the gym for international students to participate in so that they can get to know each other better. "I like playing sport with the other students and the gym is a great facility," he says.

When Kazuya returns to Japan he would like to teach English to others. "I have learned a lot here and I can't wait to share my knowledge," he says.

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