Duc Duy Do

international student duc duy do

Information and Communications Technology student Duc Duy Do thinks that Christchurch is an ideal place to study because the city is quiet, safe and friendly. "The atmosphere in Christchurch is very positive," he says.

In fact, he likes Christchurch so much he wants to stay on in the city to work when he completes his degree. He believes the education he is getting here is of a very high standard and when completed, his qualification will enable him to get a job almost anywhere in the world.

He adds that the practical, real-world learning focus at CPIT (now Ara Institute of Canterbury) has helped him to prepare for the workforce. "I make real business decisions everyday as part of my course and I'm excited about starting my first real job."

Duc Duy has been welcomed by his New Zealand classmates. They often go out and have lunch together at the campus cafés. He also enjoys competing against his Kiwi friends in badminton.

There are many international students at CPIT and Duc Duy often participates in events organised for them. "There are activities such as sports days for international students so that we can get to know each other."

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