New Zealand culture

New Zealand has a dynamic and cosmopolitan culture which has evolved out of the many nationalities who’ve chosen to make New Zealand home.

Maori were the first people to inhabit New Zealand and their strong Polynesian culture is a unique feature of the country’s identity, reflected through language, art and traditional customs.

Kiwis – as New Zealanders like to call themselves - have a reputation for being friendly, resourceful and outdoorsy. Popular outdoor activities include fishing, hiking, skiing, cycling, surfing, boating and camping. New Zealanders also love socialising and are very family-oriented.

New Zealand is recognised around the world for its primary produce (including dairy, wine, wool and seafood), its scenic beauty, the All Blacks rugby team, and its anti-nuclear stand.

Despite its small population (just four million people), New Zealand has produced many world-class innovations like jet boats, electric fences, refrigerated shipping, disposable syringes, bungy jumping and the tranquilliser gun.

Famous Kiwis include physicist Ernest Rutherford, aviation pioneer Richard Pearse, novelist Katherine Mansfield, Everest conqueror Sir Edmond Hillary, soprano Kiri Te Kanawa, filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson, musician Neil Finn, actor Russell Crowe and singer Lorde.