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Information on RoVE

From 1 April 2020 Ara Institute of Canterbury will become a subsidiary of New Zealand Institute of Skills & Technology (working name), along with all other Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics across New Zealand. This is one of the changes that have come from the Governments’ Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE).

There will be no immediate impact for students from 1 April 2020, and any changes which impact students are likely to take several years before they occur. Any changes will be communicated well in advance for students.

From 1 April 2020 our organisational name remains Ara Institute of Canterbury. The courses and programmes which we provide remain available and all our campus remain open.

Visit the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology website for more information.

Can I continue to study at Ara from 1 April?

Absolutely; there are no changes for current students at Ara. All study programmes remain as they are.

Will I graduate with an Ara qualification, or something else?

Current Ara students can expect to graduate with an Ara qualification. This applies to students who will graduate beyond 2020.

Will anything change in terms of locations, programmes available, or my tutors and those who support me?

Nothing changes for current Ara students. Beyond 1 April your courses continue as they are today with the same locations, timetable, tutors and programmes of work.

Will this change mean I need to contact somewhere else for support as a student, or will this still be available through Ara?

The student support services at Ara will remain in place and accessible directly through Ara – as they are today. All support activity continues to be provided by Ara.

I’m thinking about enrolling at Ara for future study. Can I still enrol?

You are welcome to enrol at Ara study programmes. We will continue to take enrolments in the same way we have done prior to 1 April.

I have a question about the changes not covered here. Who can help me?

Visit the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology website for more information.

Ara RoVE submission

Ara Institute of Canterbury - Submission on the Reform of Vocational Education, (PDF - 1.3mb) - 5 April 2019

If your question relates to Ara please call the Contact Centre on 03 940 8000 or email