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Ara policies and procedures consultation – now open for student and community feedback

The New Zealand Broadcasting School (NZBS) investigation recommended some improvements to some of Ara’s policies and procedures. The suggested changes have been made, and we’re now welcoming feedback on these revisions.

All feedback must be received by 4pm on Monday, 22 August 2022.

Summary of changes:

  • Refers to new Ara student complaint procedures
  • Refers and hyperlinks to all relevant policies and procedures
  • Definitions have been updated and expanded upon
  • Students’ ability to access wellbeing and independent advocacy support has been added
  • Examples of when a student can raise an external complaint or dispute have been added
  • A table of external complaint or appeal options has been added.

NEW Raising problems or complaints policy – please provide feedback 

NEW Student Complaints Flowchart – please provide feedback 

OLD Raising problems or complaints policy – for reference only

This is the form that students and their representatives can use to raise a problem or complaint with Ara.

NEW Raising problems or complaints form – please provide feedback

This document explains how students and their representatives can make a complaint, how Ara will handle the complaint, timeframes for resolution and alternative resolution options.

NEW Ara student complaint procedures – please provide feedback

This policy has been created in response to the recommendations outlined in the NZBS investigation report. Because it is a new policy, there is no summary of changes. 

NEW Addressing bullying, harassment and discrimination policy – please provide feedback

NEW Staff complaints about student process – please provide feedback
NEW Staff complaints about staff process – please provide feedback

OLD Harassment prevention policy – for reference only