National Certificate in Carpentry Level 4

Testing Area

Programme Code: CH3421

Level: 4

Credits: 120

Commences: January, May, August

Applications Due: Received all year

Annual Fees: $3,210 - $3,750

International Fees: Please enquire

Additional Costs: Advised before enrolment

Location: CPIT Trades

Next steps

To apply for this programme please:

  • complete an Admission and Enrolment form

If you feel you have gained your learning through on the job experience talk to us about recognition or assessment of prior learning

Due to Immigration New Zealand visa requirements international students may be ineligible to enrol in this certificate.

Application documents

Recommended school subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Design
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Key Information Set

Entry Criteria

Minimum entry criteria

NCEA or other evidence of literacy, numeracy and ability to study at the appropriate level. See 'additional criteria' for details.

Additional criteria

Academic Requirements

36 NCEA credits at Level 1 including 12 credits in English OR 36 NCEA credits at Level 1 including 12 credits in English and 12 credits in Maths.

Alternative Requirements

Evidence of literacy, numeracy and an ability to study at the appropriate level. This can be through study, work and/or life experience. CPIT literacy and numeracy assessments are available.

English Requirements

If English is not your first language you may also be required to provide evidence of your English language skills as listed below. If you have no evidence of your English language skills and are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, contact us for an assessment. IELTS 6.0 General Training (no lower than 6.0 in any subtest). For acceptable alternatives refer to the English Proficiency Outcomes Chart.

Note: If you have achieved NCEA Level 3 University Entrance requirements you are not required to provide evidence of English Language Skills.

Additional Requirements

A current training agreement and employment in the industry.


4 Years

The minimum amount of time to complete this qualification.

Student Success

Successful course completions within the qualification 85%

The percentage of students who successfully completed courses towards this qualification in the last year.

Students retained in study 89%

The percentage of students who have completed this qualification or re-enrolled in this qualification or at this provider in the following year.

NZ Graduate Destinations

Young graduates in employment* 66%

The percentage relates to young graduates who completed this qualification nationally and does not relate specifically to graduates who completed qualifications at this TEO.

Young graduates in further study* 25%

The percentage relates to young graduates who completed this qualification nationally and does not relate specifically to graduates who completed qualifications at this TEO.

Median earnings of young graduates* $32,401.00

The median earnings relate to young graduates who completed the qualification nationally and does not relate specifically to graduates who completed qualifications at this TEO.

*in the second year following completion of a qualification

Estimated Total Fees

Government Contribution (GST exclusive)


The average government contribution towards the tuition fees for students studying this qualification.

(This information is an estimate only based on Student Achievement Component funding in the last year.)

Student Contribution (GST Inclusive)


The average tuition fees students paid to study this qualification.

(This average is indicative only based on courses students enrolled in last year. Your qualification may be made up of courses which differ from the average on which the estimate is based.)

For more information on loans and allowances visit: Student
Loan Information

(Note: all information relates to domestic students only)

About the Key information Set


The National Certificate in Carpentry combines four years workplace experience as a managed apprentice where you will apply your practical and theoretical knowledge to residential and commercial construction projects.

You will study building materials, equipment and techniques used in the construction of domestic and light commercial buildings.

You must be able to work in a busy trades-related environment.

Career opportunities

As a graduate of this programme, you will be recognised as a fully qualified carpenter with four years practical building experience.

Job opportunities will be plentiful within the building industry both nationally and internationally. You can progress to roles in the construction industry such as a leading hand, a foreman, a construction manager, or a project manager within a company structure or working independently in your own business.

Study pathways

You can join the workforce as a builder, or further develop your skills with a the National Certificate in Construction Management (Supervisor) or the National Diploma in Quantity Surveying.

Programme structure

To complete this programme you are required to complete a minimum total of 294 credits. Please browse the guide below to view the course options currently available within this qualification.

Core courses
Elective courses

To be a full time student you need to maintain a workload of 120 credits per year. We recommend you talk with us to ensure you choose electives to benefit your future career.

Level 4

Access and Alternative Timber Construction

9.0 credits

Alternative and Commercial Construction

7.0 credits

Applied Construction Practices

31.0 credits

Applied Construction Practices

30.0 credits

Applied Construction Practices

41.0 credits

Applied Construction Practices

37.0 credits

Building Preliminaries and Calculations

9.0 credits

Concrete and Masonry Wall Construction

8.0 credits

Concrete and Timber, Foundations and Floor Construction

13.0 credits

Consruct pole frame and pole platforms on site

12.0 credits

Construct in situ high wall, column and bean falsework and formwork on site

16.0 credits

Construct substrates for roofing systems on structural steel framework on site

8.0 credits

Construction Planning and Supervision

12.0 credits

Distance Delivery

35.0 credits

Distance Delivery

25.0 credits

Distance Delivery

22.0 credits

Erect and fix prefabricated beams on site

4.0 credits

Erect steel frame roof trusses on site

8.0 credits

Erect timber roof trusses on site

8.0 credits

Exterior and Interior Joinery, Linings and Trim

9.0 credits

Fabricate and assemble steel wall and roof framing on site

12.0 credits

Install metal roof claddings and verify the installation of roof claddings by others on site

4.0 credits

Install sound control systems in buildings on site

3.0 credits

Insulation, Sound and Sealants in Construction

4.0 credits

Plan and carry out demolition work on site

10.0 credits

Set out and erect steel frame roofs on site

12.0 credits

Set out and erect steel wall framing on site

12.0 credits

Set out, cut and erect equal pitch timber gable and hip roof on site

12.0 credits

Set up, place and fix proprietary suspended concrete floor systems on site

12.0 credits

Tools, Machines and Set Out

14.0 credits