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ProgrammePart time - 1 year

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Certificate in Foundation Studies (Hospitality Supported Learning) (Level 1) CTC Please Enquire

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Christchurch - Madras Street

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Programme Content

Canterbury Tertiary College (CTC) is a partnership between secondary schools and tertiary education providers. It's a different way of learning where you complete your NCEA studies at secondary school and start working towards a tertiary qualification.

Discover the wide variety of roles available in the hospitality sector.

If you have a disability, this course provides you with a supported learning environment to help you transition from school to the workplace.

You'll gain first-hand experience in cookery, baking, restaurant service and hospitality service. You'll also participate in practical activities like eating out and preparing a light meal, plus you'll learn about personal safety and basic hospitality terminology.

Note: This is designed for high school students with disabilities that do not restrict mobility and coordination. To qualify for entry to this programme you must have a full teacher aide support and/or be enrolled in a learning support classroom, or be enrolled in a special education unit.

Programme Credits

NZQF credits in the table below are awarded to you on completion of this programme. These credits contribute to achieving your NCEA qualification. In some instances you may also receive Ara credits. Ara credits are tertiary study credits that can be used to enter further study at tertiary level in New Zealand. Please note the number of Ara and NZQF credits are unrelated and may be different.

Entry requirements

Academic requirements
  • To enrol you must be in Year 11, 12 or 13 at secondary school. You must also be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, or hold a visa which allows you to be enrolled in a New Zealand secondary school.
    Some programmes require a minimum age of 16. Please enquire.

Alternative requirements
Additional requirements
English requirements
  • If English isn't your first language, you may be required to provide evidence of your English language skills. Refer to the Acceptable Alternatives Chart or contact us for an assessment.

Acceptable Alternatives Chart

Next steps

To apply for this programme please

  • Complete a CTC application form

Application Documents

Career opportunities

Following this course you can apply for further study or seek employment in restaurants, retirement villages and supermarkets.

Study pathways

This course is the ideal stepping stone to further study in hospitality.

Unit / Achievement Standard Number Unit Standard Title Version No NZQF Credits Level 1 Credits Level 2 Credits Level 3 Credits
11883 Participate in the preparation and serving of food, in a supported learning context. 4 3 3
11882 Prepare and serve a light meal, in a supported learning context. 4 4 4
11881 Eat out at a public food outlet, in a supported learning context. 4 3 3
11880 Use safe hygiene practices with food, in a supported learning context. 4 3 3
11879 Grow and care for plants ,in a supported learning context. 4 2 2
11892 Demonstrate functional knowledge of measuring volume, in a supported learning context. 4 3 3
11918 Clarify and follow received instructions, in a supported learning context. 4 2 2
11933 Move about in an educational or training establishment in a supported learning context. 4 4 4
11884 Identify potentially hazardous situations, and actions to be taken, in a Hospitality supported learning context. 4 2 2
11859 Identify and develop personal safety strategies, in a supported learning context 4 2 2
11867 Answer a phone call and refer a phone call, in a supported learning context. 4 2 2