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  1. Youth Guarantee - Trades - Ara

    18 Apr 2019: If you’re good with your hands, you like using tools and you enjoy making or fixing things, trades is a good area to get into and it offers great career opportunities. Demand for skilled tradespeople is high with the Christchurch rebuild in full

  2. Youth Guarantee - Creative - Ara

    18 Apr 2019: The creative industries is a broad sector encompassing everything from art, design and fashion through to music, broadcasting and theatre. Creativity, innovation and intellectual property are integral in developing new technology, so careers in this

  3. Youth Guarantee - Computing - Ara

    18 Apr 2019: Digital technology and computers are playing an increasingly significant part in everyday life and it’s becoming more and more important to have good skills in this area, regardless of the work you do. If you choose to pursue a career in computing,

  4. Youth Guarantee - Hair and Beauty - Ara

    18 Apr 2019: The tourism and hair and beauty sectors have one very strong similarity: they’re all focused on providing positive consumer experiences. To succeed in any of these areas you’ll need to enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life, and

  5. Youth Guarantee - Business and Retail - Ara

    18 Apr 2019: The business and retail sectors offer incredible scope for a varied and rewarding career. You can advance from entry level roles right up to senior management positions, and you can specialise in a particular area of business such as marketing or

  6. Youth Guarantee - Food & Hospitality - Ara

    18 Apr 2019: The food and hospitality sector is one of the largest employers in the world and it continues to grow. It offers diverse employment opportunities and good career progression into senior roles. It’s also one of the best sectors to get into if you

  7. Bachelor of Nursing - Ara

    18 Apr 2019: Degree Full-time, 3 years. Annual Fees(indicative 2019). Programme code. CH3730. Domestic. $7, 400 -$7, 900. Starts. February, July. International. $22, 370. Credits. 360. Course related costs. $800 text books in Year 1, $325 equipment, indemnity

  8. Bachelor of Music Arts - Ara

    18 Apr 2019: Degree Full-time, 3 years | Part-time up to 5 years. Annual Fees(indicative 2019). Programme code. CH3985. Domestic. $6, 700 -$7, 400. Starts. February. International. $21, 260. Credits. 360. Course related costs. Advised on enrolment. Level. 7.

  9. Career Baker - Ara

    18 Apr 2019: Certificate Full-time, 1 year. Annual Fees(indicative 2019). Programme code. NZ1842. Domestic. $7, 500 -$8, 400. Starts. February. International. $20, 620. Credits. 120. Course related costs. Level. 4. Domestic Applications due. Received all year.

  10. Course Display - Ara

    17 Apr 2019: Course code. MG6136. Level. 6. Credits. 15.0. Estimated hours. 150.0. To enable students to determine and apply the processes required to analyse engineering design problems and identify possible solutions. Learning outcomes. Evaluate and produce