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DiplomaPart time - 2 years, 20-25 hours per week

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$4,715 - $5,125






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Accommodation, meals and travel to workshops



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Timaru, Christchurch - Madras Street, Ashburton, Oamaru and Distance Learning Online


Childbirth Education will not be offered from 2017. Consider the Certificate in Pre Health and Science , Certificate in Early Childhood Studies , or an Adult Education qualification, or call 0800 24 24 76 to discuss your options.

Childbirth educators are essential to increasing the awareness and knowledge of expectant parents through the many choices and challenges related to childbirth and the ongoing care of babies.

If you are passionate about pregnancy, birth and early parenting this programme will give you the skills and experiences to become a childbirth educator. This will enable you to teach pre-natal classes for expectant parents in a wide variety of settings. This programme is accredited by NZQA and offered in conjunction with Parents Centre NZ Inc.

This programme covers:

  • Pregnancy - Anatomy and physiology; pregnancy care; pregnancy and well-being; social and cultural issues
  • Childbirth - Physiological labour; variations and interventions; immediate postnatal period; social and cultural issues; familiarisation of local childbirth facilities; labour support
    - support three women/couples in late pregnancy, labour and postnatal period including homebirth
  • Postbirth - Basic need of the infant (physical, emotional, developmental); lactation; mother's well-being; social and cultural issues
  • Facilitating adults learning - the adult learner; learning styles; lesson planning; teaching methods/strategies; assessment and evaluation
  • Cultural awareness (Māori) - own culture and values; māori values; marae kawa; treaty issues; cultural safety; māori health model vs western medical model; introduction to māori language

Programme structure

To complete this Diploma you are required to complete a minimum total of 120 credits. Please browse the guide below to view the course options currently available within this qualification.

Core courses
Elective Courses

To be a full time student you need to maintain a workload of 120 credits per year. We recommend you talk with us to ensure you choose electives to benefit your future career.

Entry requirements

Academic requirements
  • For entry to this programme it is desirable you have at least 48 credits at NCEA Level 2 with no less than 12 credits in each of four subjects; or equivalent.

Alternative requirements
Additional requirements
  • Also a written application providing a covering letter including your name, postal address and phone/email contacts and responses to the following (applicants can choose to email or write their answers if they choose):

    1. Outline your involvement with Childbirth Educators to date.

    2. State why you would like to obtain the Ara / Parents Centre Diploma in Childbirth Education.

    3. Describe your understanding of the role of a Childbirth Educator and outline the personal experiences, skills and strengths you would bring to the role.

    4. List details of your educational background, work experience (including voluntary work) with relevant skills and responsibilities. Include details of courses or workshops attended which have developed your skills in relevant areas e.g. communication, group skills, counselling, adult education.

    5. Distance study can present various challenges. Are there any factors that might impact on you completing the course? (If so please explain).

    6. Reflect on and describe the experiences which have influenced your views on birth, breastfeeding and parenting (at least one A4 page). Include your own birth and feeding experience.

    7. If accepted onto the Diploma of Childbirth Education, you will need to observe 3 full sets of antenatal classes with three different educators in your area. Please attach supporting documentation indicating this confirmation to view classes from a provider of childbirth education classes.

    8. In a minimum of 300 words, outline your understanding of 'informed decision making' and the role of a Childbirth Educator.

    9. In a minimum of 300 words, outline your understanding of the 'International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes' as it related to the role of the Childbirth Educator, and state your attitude/feelings regarding this. (Contact the Coordinator if you need assistance).

English requirements










Acceptable Alternatives Chart

Next steps

To apply for this programme please complete an Admission and Enrolment form or an International Application form.

Alternatively, if you feel you have gained your learning through on the job experience talk to us about recognition or assessment of prior learning .

Please note: Programme delivery is conditional on enrolments reaching a minimum requirement.

Application documents

Career opportunities

Graduates of this diploma can work as a childbirth educator in:

  • Parents Centre
  • Plunket
  • Hospitals
  • Marae-based
  • Homebirth/multiple birth groups