Certificate in Sāmoan Language (Gagana Sāmoa).xml Certificate in Sāmoan Language (Gagana Sāmoa)

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Certificate in Samoan Language

Training SchemePart time - six months

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Christchurch - Madras Street


Increase your understanding of Samoan language and culture for everyday social, community and work situations.

This programme has been designed to develop your confidence in using the Samoan language so you can communicate with elders, use the language in the home and ensure the next generation of Samoan New Zealanders retain their language and culture. It's equally useful if you wish to increase your understanding of Samoan language and culture for the purpose of communicating effectively in social, community or work situations.

During the course you'll develop language for everyday social interactions and gain an appreciation of the complexities of fa'asāmoa (Samoan culture), as well as Samoan values and world-views. You'll also gain an understanding of the culture and the protocols commonplace in the many rituals and ceremonies that are an integral part of Samoan society.

Programme structure

To complete this Training Scheme you are required to complete a minimum total of 30 credits. Please browse the guide below to view the course options currently available within this qualification.

Core courses
Elective Courses

To be a full time student you need to maintain a workload of 120 credits per year. We recommend you talk with us to ensure you choose electives to benefit your future career.

Entry requirements

Academic requirements
  • 12 credits in English level 1 and 36 credits in NCEA level 2.

Alternative requirements
  • Skills for tertiary study (including literacy and numeracy) may be acquired through study, work and/or life experience. Students who can demonstrate these skills may be approved for alternative entry. Literacy and numeracy assessments are available.

Additional requirements
  • PASF111 Gagana Sāmoa and PASF115 Gagana Sāmoa 2


    Equivalent introductory knowledge of Samoan language.

English requirements
  • If English is not your first language you may also be required to provide evidence of your English language skills. If you have no evidence of your English language skills and are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, contact us for an assessment.

    Note: Students who have achieved NCEA Level 3 University Entrance requirements are not required to provide evidence of English Language Skills.










Acceptable Alternatives Chart

Next steps

To apply for this programme please:

  • complete an application form

If you don't meet the criteria for entry into this programme, we can help you meet entry level with our foundation and bridging programmes.

Your on-the-job experience may count towards part or even all of this qualification. To learn more, contact our Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning (CAPL) .

Application documents

Career opportunities

After completing this certificate you can apply your increased understanding of Samoan culture in the health, education, social services, arts, media and tourism sectors to enhance relationships with Samoan people and communities.

Study pathways

Upon successful completion of this programme, you'll possess sufficient knowledge of Gagana Sāmoa to further your studies at degree level.

Recommended school subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics