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(ESAB100)EWRB Electrical Service Technician A

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This course is to prepare the student for registration as an Electrical Service Technician 'A'

Learning outcomes

A basic understanding of electrical circuits

The electricity supply system

Commonly used electrical terms

The electrical safety of personnel

The dangers of electric shock

Basic first aid

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (level 2)

Common protection devices

The principles of circuit protection

Radio and television interference suppression

Commonly used electrical conductors

Commonly used electrical insulators

The composition, use and fitment of commonly used flexible cords

Commonly used electrical fittings

The operation and servicing of commonly used single phase electrical appliances

The operation and use of commonly used analogue and digital electrical measuring instruments

The principles and methods of electrical appliance testing

A basic use and understanding of the Electricity Regulations, Standards and Codes of Practice

An understanding of the limits of work and other responsibilities of 'A' level registration holders