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(ESBN100)EWRB Electrical Service Technician B

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This course covers the prescribed outcomes detailed in the Electricity Regulations 1997. It includes theory and practical skills that will ensure your understanding of the knowledge requirements of an Electrical Service Technician. Under the Electricity Act 1992, Electrical Service Technician (EST) registration is required for a person to carry out prescribed electrical work, involving the maintenance of electrical appliances in the workplace. The course fee includes the external exam fees payable to the Electrical Workers Registration Board, as students will sit the exam at the next available date after the end of the course.

We strongly recommend that students complete ESAN100 prior to enrolling for this course, although it is not strictly necessary.

Learning outcomes

The electricity supply system

The isolation of electrical appliances from the electricity supply

The servicing of fixed wired appliances

Understanding the special requirements for damp situations

Understanding the special requirements for hazardous locations

The operation of the Safety Tag system

The principles and methods circuit protection

The operation and use of residual current devices (RCDs)

The principles of operation of commonly used electric motors

The operation of direct on line motor starters

The safe disconnection and reconnection of electrical conductors

The methods of connecting electrical appliances to the electricity supply in accordance with industry practice

The use and understanding of the Electrical Regulations, Standards and Codes of Practice

An understanding of the limits of work and other responsibilities of 'B' level registration holders