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(CSUS101)Updating Skills

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This course is designed to build confidence in women returning to study or exploring employment options.

You may have been out of the paid workforce and have many skills but need to learn how to present these to an employer. You may want to update the skills you have and develop new ones or you may want to learn how to be a successful student.

On this course you will do all this while working in a supportive group with helpful tutors.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify and implement skills to enhance successful learning.
  • Identify and implement effective strategies for life planning.
  • Prepare and compile a curriculum vitae and cover letter using an appropriate level of literacy.
  • Participate in a group to source and present written and verbal information relevant to course outcomes.
  • Identify and implement skills & abilities (including literacy and numeracy) that will lead to successful employment and/or study opportunities.