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This is a non-assessed course delivered on-line with the aim of equipping students with basic arithmetic and graph drawing skills.

Learning outcomes

  • state the place value of digits in whole and decimal numbers
  • perform calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on whole numbers, decimals and fractions, including the order-of-operations rule, without calculators
  • round numbers to a given degree of accuracy
  • give estimates for any of the above calculations, and explain the importance of estimating
  • draw and interpret line, bar and pie graphs
  • evaluate powers, and convert numbers to and from standard form
  • convert between decimals/fractions/percentages, and perform percentage calculations
  • understand and use rates and ratios, including in proportion calculations
  • carry out metric conversions
  • use a calculator to do any of the above calculations
  • solve word problems involving any of the above calculations