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The aim of this course is to guide the student through the process of identifying a research topic, constructing a research proposal, obtaining research and ethical approval for their project and then conducting an original piece of research to be presented orally and graded as a Masterate Thesis.

Throughout the course students will be provided with the opportunity to critically examine philosophical, methodological and ethical issues that underpin research of the nature and application of research.

Students are required to carry out a piece of scholarly work which demonstrates a high degree of skill in data collection, analysis, critical evaluation and effective oral and written communication.

Learning outcomes

Discuss the philosophical theories underpinning research.

Critique different research approaches, designs and methodologies used in the analysis and interpretation of research data.

Critically evaluate the ethical and cultural implications of research.

Identify and evaluate the strengths of research output destinations.

Critically evaluate the outcomes of research.

Propose, conduct and present a scholarly piece of work.