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To investigate (research) and learn about a relevant and current ICT related topic. The special topic to be researched is to be negotiated with the course co-ordinator, and must be relevant to students' needs in either completing studies or seeking employment. A student may enrol only once for this course - regardless of the topic offered

Learning outcomes

Prepare a proposal for a small research or self learning networking project.

Prepare a project plan (or work plan) related to(1.) above.

Understand various methods for gathering relevant information for a networking topic.

Analyze pools of informationand choose what is relevant to their topic of interest.

Categorize information for analysis and reporting.

Understand limitations and shortcomings of projects and investigations and seek advice and support where needed.

Prepare reports to outline the learning and/ or outcome of investigations.

Present and discuss the topic of study and investigation confidently and competently.

Prepare and present progress reports on an ongoing basis.