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To develop capabilities related to chosen area of specialisation, in a 'hands-on' immersion in industry practice. To enable students to apply their learning, test the relevance of academic theories to the workplace and to reflect critically on this relationship between their academic study and industry practice. To enable students to carry out a significant work assignment for the host organisation on a topic in a field allied to their major and present a project report in conjunction with an academic supervisor. The project forms the final component of the programme and requires students to produce work of the highest quality as evidence of their development.

Learning outcomes

Critically analyse and reflect upon the work experience in relation to relevant theories, concepts, models and current industry practice.

Demonstrate the ability to define, plan and carry out a research report involving the collection, analysis and interpretation of data and theory appropriate to an approved industry topic.

Synthesise solutions and draw conclusions from the analysis of data.

Produce a project report of professional standard that meets the host organisation?s needs as well as academic requirements.