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To gain and enhance the skills necessary to be a competent role model for an intermediate client group. To be able to provide leadership with intermediate groups in rock climbing enviroments. To interpret the cultural and environmental aspects within rock climbing in Aotearoa NZ.

Learning outcomes

  • Perform efficient climbing movement which would create suitable visual images for an intermediate climber to learn from
  • Demonstrate self and group rescue techniques in personal climbing and instructional climbing
  • Analyse the components of safe, efficient climbing techniques to enhance personal competence
  • Develop rock climbing instructor skills and knowledge
  • Evaluate climbing incidents and injuries and determine effective course of action for prevention and the crisis management
  • Analyse the conflicting ethical, cultural, environmental and resource factors relating to rock climbing and rock climbing instruction
  • Research the cultural and environmental attributes of an area and enhance the knowledge of others through environmental interpretation
  • Examine and demonstrate attitudes, motivation, self-discipline, and organisational ability required of trainee professional outdoor educator