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To enable Registered Nurses to further develop their knowledge in relation to provision of care for infants, children and adolescents experiencing oncological conditions in partnership with their family/whānau.

Learning outcomes

Demonstrate understanding and apply knowledge of the pathophysiology, epidemiology and clinical presentation of paediatric oncological conditions.

Plan, deliver and critically analyse developmentally appropriate nursing care that incorporates physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual aspects or knowledge relevant to the care of children and their family/whānau.

Demonstrate effective communication skills, collaborating with the interdisciplinary team to achieve the best possible outcome for a child/adolescent with an oncological condition and their family/whānau.

Support children/adolescents with the psychosocial adaptations resulting from paediatric oncological diagnosis and on-going treatment.

Critically discuss appropriate child and family/whānau education related to maintaining wellness.

Critically analyse provision of holistic care for the child/adolescent and their family/whānau through diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of their oncological condition.