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To enable Registered Nurses to further develop the knowledge and skills required when caring for a person with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in acute and community settings

Learning outcomes

analyse the role and scope of nursing practice in the management of COPD.

apply knowledge of respiratory physiology, pathophysiology and diagnosis of COPD.

identify and analyse physiological and psychological responses to COPD and their relationship to clinical presentation and management.

understand current approaches to assessment and diagnosis of COPD and their role in acute and long term management.

undertake holistic patient assessment: determine, obtain, utilise and evaluate appropriate information in order to prioritise and rationalise nursing and collaborative intervention.

discuss the effects that common pharmacological intervention and administration may have upon the individual.

understand actual and potential implications of 'living with COPD' and the scope of nursing practice beyond the 'acute phase' of illness.