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To enable Registered Nurses to extend their knowledge and skills in the care and management of people with diabetes and to integrate their knowledge to nursing practice.

Learning outcomes

  • apply knowledge of the pathophysiology, prevalence, incidence, clinical characteristics and diagnostic criteria of the different disorders of glucose metabolism.
  • critically consider the evidence for goals of diabetes management.
  • integrate into practice basic dietary advice based on National Nutritional Guidelines for management of diabetes and identify appropriate referral to dietician.
  • utilise knowledge of the resources that optimise the benefits and of regular physical activity for people with diabetes.
  • explain the different pharmacological treatments and demonstrate the technology used in the self management of diabetes.
  • understand the acute complications of hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia, and the consequences of both.
  • utilise knowledge of screening programmes to prevent progression of the long-term complications of diabetes.
  • critically consider the psychosocial implications and self management aspects of living with diabetes.
  • understand the influence and impact of cultural beliefs and practices in people with diabetes and their communities.
  • utilise strategies to teach, support and motivate people with on-going successful management of diabetes.