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To enable registered Nurses to further develop existing knowledge and skill related to basic ECG analysis in order to analyse advanced electrophysiology

Learning outcomes

undertake an electrocardiogram analysis including: interpretation of waves, intervals and segments, calculation of rhythm, rate, and the principal measurement, identification of normal sinus rhythm and alterations to normal sinus rhythm.

interpret atrial arrhythmias and differentiate between atrial, nodal and ventricular arrhythmias

identify and interpret Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

interpret ventricular arrhythmias and differentiate between ventricular tachycardia and atrial tachycardias with aberration

identify pacing rhythms including atrial, ventricular and AV sequential pacing

discuss the indications for temporary and long-term pacing with peers

interpret acute ischaemic changes on a 12 lead ECG

identify right ventricular infarction on a 12 lead ECG

interpret and differentiate between right ventricular hypertrophy and left ventricular hypertrophy

identify right and left bundle branch blocks

identify first degree, second degree, third degree and AV block

understand the implications of rhythm disturbance on cardiac function and the individual.

identify common pathologies that cause alterations in electrophysiology.