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To enable Registered Nurses to safely handle and administer cytotoxic drugs

Learning outcomes

analyse the use of chemotherapy as a treatment modality for cancer.

define the role of the registered nurse delivering cytotoxic drugs during the phases of pre-treatment, drug administration and post chemotherapy.

Identify the safety measures required in checking, administration and disposal of cytotoxic agents.

classify commonly used cytotoxic agents as vesicant or as an irritant and outline the nursing implications for the specific agents.

in the event of a extravasation of a vesicant cytotoxic agent detail the protocol for nursing action.

use appropriate documentation for any cytotoxic drugs given.

identify and discuss the management of acute, subacute and chronic toxicities that can occur with frequently used cytotoxic drugs.

critique the nursing management of individuals undergoing chemotherapy, and discuss the impact of chemotherapy on the person and their families

safely handle and administer cytotoxic drugs.