He Toki Māori trades training


He Toki is a collaborative training initiative that aims to increase the participation and success of Māori. During your training Te Reo Māori, whakapapa and haka are affirmed. A Māori support team is there to support you.

This initiative aims to increase the participation of Māori in trade based careers at all levels, meeting the immediate, short and long term needs and aspirations of our communities and ultimately build Māori capability within the building and infrastructure industries in Canterbury.

Studying with Ara

He Toki will engage you in the appropriate trade training programme to suit your individual needs. You will study either full time at Ara (the duration of the course depends on what subject and level you choose to study at) or on the job training through an apprenticeship with one of the ITO's from the BETA group. A Māori support team will mentor you and support you throughout your training.

Māori Trades Training programmes are open entry and open to anyone of Māori descent.

For more information call 0800 24 24 76 and ask for the Centre of Māori and Pasifika Achievement.

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Free trades training available in:

Course Start date
Carpentry 7 February 2017
Cookery 13 February 2017
Electrical Engineering 13 February 2017
Electrical Engineering Theory 30 January 2017
Foundation SkillsFebruary
Health & Wellbeing 30 January 2017
Horticulture 20 February 2017
Joinery 7 February 2017
Mechanical Engineering 20 February 2017
Motor Industry 7 February 2017
Plaster Board 7 February 2017
Plumbing 7 February 2017
Pre Health & Science 30 January 2017
Roading 7 February 2017