Bachelor of Nursing (Master of Health Sciences Professional Practice)

Programme codeCH3730
Level7 (Masters programme is level 8/9)
DurationFull time - 2 years, part time available
LocationChristchurch - City campus
Additional costsTextbook costs, $325 for equipment, indemnity insurance, expenses associated with the clinical placement and vaccinations/ immunisations, $240 examination fee payable to the Nursing Council of New Zealand Student levies for both institutes apply.
Application dueApplications are received all year for domestic students, applications are due 31 October for international students

Programme information

If you have an undergraduate degree you can fast track completion of the Bachelor of Nursing, together with a Master of Health Sciences Professional Practice (nursing) (MHealScProfPr) from the University of Canterbury, in just two years.

Progression in the MHealScProfPr is subject to University of Canterbury regulations. Students will need to complete the courses in the prescribed order. The MHealScProfPr courses that align with clinical courses are pre requisites for completion of the Ara clinical course.

Progression through Bachelor of Nursing courses is dependent on meeting the prerequisites for each course. UC and Ara will provide each other with students' academic results at the end of each course to ensure requisites and progression requirements are met.

The NCNZ Education standards with regard to time frames, re-enrolment in courses and repeating clinical courses apply. A student may be exited from the Bachelor of Nursing via Ara probation processes but able to continue in the masters programme if achieving academically but not clinically

During your studies at Ara you will complete the following courses:

  • BNNP542 Nursing the Person with Long Term Health Needs
  • BNNP641 Nursing the Person with Altered Mental Health or Addiction
  • BNNP643 Nursing the Person with Altered Physical Health
  • BNFW740 Family, Whanau and Community Nursing
  • BNTR701 Transition to Registered Nursing Practice

For details of the University of Canterbury courses and degree regulations for the Master of Health Science Professional Practice visit the University of Canterbury website at:

Entry requirements

For degree entry requirements see the Bachelor of Nursing.

For entry requirements for the Master of Health Sciences see University of Canterbury

Need more information

For detailed information about this pathway including how to apply please contact:

Dr Isabel Jamieson RN
Programme Coordinator
Phone 03 940 8250 or 021 284 8250

Applications are received all year for this programme.