Application and audition information

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To be selected for NASDA, applicants need to demonstrate their ability in singing, acting and dance, their desire to perform and their potential for a successful career in the performing arts.

The number of students admitted to the programme is limited, and selection is made after an individual audition and possible group audition conducted on the same day. Other criteria for selection include academic attainment and aptitude, personal qualities and referees' support.

Please download and complete an application pack and send it in with supporting documentation to be eligible to audition for NASDA.

If your application is successful, you will be contacted to arrange an audition time.

Please allow a full day for auditions.

The audition will consist of the following activities:

  • Individual Audition
  • Acting
  • Singing - plus related activities
  • Preparation required
  • Acting

Auditionees must perform from memory one speech or monologue. It is essential that you have read the play from which your speech or monologue is taken. Please bring a copy of your speech or monologue with you for your audition panel.

Please contact the Administrative Officer on 03 940 8063 to be sent examples of monologues that may be used for the audition.


Auditionees must prepare one ballad and one up-tempo song from Music Theatre repertoire. (NB: You may only be required to perform one song.) An accompanist will be provided by NASDA or you may provide your own.A photo of two people singing.

Candidates wishing to use an accompanist provided by NASDA must provide sheet music in the key in which songs are to be performed. Backing tapes will not be permitted.

You may be required to return later in the day to participate in a group dance audition. Appropriate dance clothing and footwear must be worn.

Group Dance Audition

Physical warm-up related activities incorporating some movement.

Spoken voice warm-up

Group activities including aspects of improvisation, physical theatre activities etc.

Preparation required: none

NB: The audition panel is looking for skills AND/OR potential in all auditionees.

The panel is aware that for some the singing audition will be a challenge. We operate in a supportive and sympathetic manner and will be looking for students who can demonstrate performance skills and respond well to direction and suggestions to improve their performance.


Close fitting clothing suitable for dance/exercise class. No jewellery.

Suggested material for NASDA singing and acting Auditionees


There are a number of song anthologies available in libraries and at good music shops.

We can suggest:

The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology

Compiled and edited by Richard Walters

Published by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

  • 00361071 Soprano Vol 1
  • 00747030 Soprano Vol 2
  • 00361072 Mezzo Soprano Vol 1
  • 00747031 Mezzo Soprano Vol 2
  • 00361073 Tenor Vol 1
  • 00747032 Tenor Vol 2
  • 00361074 Baritone Vol 1
  • 00747033 Baritone Vol 2

In addition, simple folk songs would also be acceptable, i.e:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Home on the Range
  • Now is the Hour
  • Greensleeves
  • Scarborough Fair

Preferably they should be songs well known to the auditionee.


You must perform from memory one speech or monologue from the chosen selections below.

It is recommended that you have read the play from which your speech or monologue is taken.

For more information

Please call the NASDA Administrator on (03) 940 8695