Teina Anderson

Teina Anderson

Being born and raised in a bilingual community, Teina Anderson has always had a passion for Te Reo Māori. It was in high school that he realised he wanted to use his passion to become a secondary school teacher.

“I was interested in helping others realise their potential, and support them on their track to achieve their goals and ambitions. From there, I knew I could affect change in the lives of our rangatahi (young people) through the various aspects of Te Ao Māori, the Māori world.

Māori language, customs and culture were an everyday part of his life, but he was looking for a total immersion and fine tuning his Te Reo Maori language skills. Teina received a scholarship as the top Māori rangatahi to study at Te Puna Wānaka at Ara.

He enrolled in the Bachelor of Māori Language and Indigenous Studies.

The atmosphere at Te Puna Wānaka encouraged a whanau feeling, where the sharing of knowledge could take place anywhere and anytime. The total immersion delivery definitely forced us all into living and breathing the language at all times.”

At Te Puna Wānaka, Teina also enjoyed the unique styles of the tutors, allowing students to widen their scope on learning the language, customs and culture.

“The tutors were excellent. I was fortunate enough to be under the tutelage of many experts of Māori language, culture and performing arts. They each had their own strengths and because of their own personal geographical and tribal diversity, we had an abundance of knowledge and experience at our disposal.”

Since gaining his Bachelor degree he’s teaching at Rangiora High School.

“I teach Māori, Māori Performing Arts and Social Studies. This is my fourth year here as a teacher and I am actively involved in the delivery of Māori language, customs and culture to students and staff.”

He believes his degree has prepared him well. “The qualification has assisted me enormously with advancing and extending my knowledge of Te Ao Māori. I am able to deliver the knowledge and experiences from Ara into my life and my career as a teacher.”

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