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Utilise your skills in working with a diverse range of people and embark on a rewarding career providing a valuable community service. Qualified education and care professionals in the early childhood sector are important to the development of individuals and families in our community and they're in strong demand in New Zealand at all levels.

Our industry connections ensure that your study leads to employment and career opportunities. In addition, work placements will give you an insight into the industry and allow you to demonstrate your strengths while making employment connections.

About early childhood education

Working with young children is a rewarding and empowering career; as a teacher of young children you're helping provide one of the most important services in education. 

More children than ever are attending early childhood services, and in New Zealand we are lucky enough to have a diverse range of services that cater to the many needs of whanau/family. 

Jobs in the early childhood education sector offer plenty of daily variety and job satisfaction. There are also excellent opportunities for career progression. As a graduate you can work as an untrained ECE teacher, a teacher aide, nanny or home-based carer. You can also go on to a degree in teaching and learning, which opens up opportunities to work as an ECE tutor, head teacher or a manager of an early childhood centre.

Studying early childhood education

When you study early childhood education with us you'll benefit from our tutors' wealth of industry knowledge and connections. Our tutors are all qualified ECE teachers and are motivated and passionate about the sector. 

The Certificate in Early Childhood Studies is a 34-week introduction to early childhood which includes many enjoyable practical experiences and a work placement. Each week you'll spend three days in class, one day on placement in an ECE service and have one study day. Your studies will also include the development of a resource kit full of handy things like board stories, finger puppets and recipes for bubbles. The work placement component of your programme allows you to gain first-hand experience in Early Childhood Centres and ensures you've experienced what it's like to be part of a team of ECE teachers. It also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your strengths and make employment connections.

Please note: To be a fully qualified early childhood teacher you must have a degree qualification. However; the ratio of trained to untrained in ECE has now been changed from 80:20 to 50:50 meaning that our graduates are in a very good position to gain employment in an ECE service.

Image of early childhood studies

Certificate in Early Childhood Studies

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Working with children is a rewarding, challenging, fun and diverse career. This introductory programme helps you gain the core skills and knowledge to prepare you to undertake the higher level learning required for employment in the early childhood sector.

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