Driving an electric vehicle revolution

Christchurch is ready for an electric vehicle revolution according to industry leaders. The statement was made when industry gathered at CPIT recently to support workshops designed to introduce secondary school students to electric vehicle (EV) technology.

Richard Coulter of Schneider Electric, one of the industry sponsors of the workshops, believes the city is in a position to take a leading role in the development of EV technology in New Zealand. “The travelling distances in Christchurch work for EV and our infrastructure is here to support EV introduction. We’ve had some exciting discussions with CPIT about creating an innovation industry that could well start right here in Christchurch.”

The EV workshops were organised by the Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV).

Rob McEwan, Executive Director of APEV is delighted to be working with CPIT on this programme. His hope is that as the workshops progress, students will get real insight into the advantages of electric transport – not just in terms of the environment but in terms of performance too. “We also hope that the project will spark interest in science, technology and engineering, and perhaps even lead to some commercialisation opportunities,” he says.