Nick Hill

Nick Hill is a great example of a mature student who has reaped the rewards of returning to full time study.

Seeking a change of career, he gave up his government job, moved to Christchurch and enrolled in concurrent graduate diplomas in project management and operations and production management at CPIT.

In just 12 months, he'd not only successfully completed both qualifications but also gained a great job in his chosen field.

Nick carefully researched his study options before enrolling at CPIT.

"I spoke to former students who gave me some really good feedback about their time there. I discovered that the business school has a good reputation and a clear industry focus, and I really liked that I could study both graduate diplomas concurrently. The ability to get those qualifications and get back to work quickly was a real draw card."

Nick says his programmes were well-designed and the course work had a clear, practical focus. "We covered a wide range of areas in surprising depth within a short space of time. I enjoyed being assessed on tangible deliverables rather than simply working through theoretical examples, and I felt well prepared for transitioning into a new role via the internship programme."

Nick also liked the approach taken by CPIT's tutors. "They didn't have an 'I know best' attitude; they brought in subject experts such as their former colleagues or graduates to link the course work to the real world."

Internships are a significant component of business degrees and graduate diplomas at CPIT. Nick did his with Powerhouse Ventures – the company he now works for as corporate development manager.

"The internship was an interesting and rewarding experience," he says. "I got to carry out a wide range of activities that I'd been taught in class and make a difference to the company. I was able to prove myself practically in a way that I couldn't have done in a job interview. Because I was changing career direction this was a major advantage."

Nick says he really enjoyed returning to study. "And the fact that I was offered a job at the end of it all confirmed that I'd made the right choice."