Anita Dazzi

When Anita Dazzi arrived in New Zealand in 2012, she discovered that her Masters qualification in law from the University of Turin in Italy wasn’t recognised here. Undeterred, she found work and set about gaining her residency. As soon as that came through, she enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management at Ara.

“I chose Ara because it had really good graduate options and it’s very practical. I’d already studied for five years so I only wanted to study for one more year. I knew after a year I’d have a qualification and skills that I could start putting into practice.”

Anita says the courses at Ara were great but it was the calibre of the tutors that impressed her most. “Each of them was different with a different background and that really added to the lessons. When we had exams coming up or assignments due, they made sure we were comfortable and had all the information we needed to be successful. But the most important thing was that all the tutors had real practical work experience behind them – they weren’t just teaching what was in the books, they were sharing their experiences. There can be a big difference between theory and what actually happens in the workplace. Having people teaching you who understand the workplace is the added value that only Ara can give.”

At university, Anita recalls being among 300-or-so other students in lectures. “The lecturers wouldn’t know if I was there or not, let alone know my name. At Ara the tutors have a real ability to share their passion and engage students. They’re approachable, personable and always there to support you. If I had questions or I wasn’t able to attend a class because I was working, they were happy to meet me and go over what I’d missed.”

Anita started applying for HR jobs in Christchurch even before she’d completed her studies. “My academic supervisor was just amazingly supportive and helped me through the whole recruitment process,” she says.

After two months of searching, Anita landed a job as a consultant with EQ Consultants. “I mainly look after recruitment and I’m involved with some employment relation issues – it really just depends what comes across our desks. The three directors give me tasks to do. If I have experience they let me do it, if I don’t they’re there to support me. Every day is different, that’s what I really like about it. I got the job I wanted and one that I love.”

Anita never expected to get such a good job straight out of Ara. “I thought it would take three to five years. I definitely think that without Ara I wouldn’t have been able to land the job that I have now.”