Portfolio requirements

Applicants are required to submit a portfolio of work.

Your portfolio must contain up to 16 images which must be printed in an A4 portfolio to a high standard. Close attention to the order and presentation of the images on the A4 pages is critical to a successful application.

Level 3 NCEA portfolios are acceptable as an alternative to the A4 portfolio.

There should be a range of subjects covered in the portfolio, which might include documentary, landscape, sports, portraiture, etc. The work should give clear evidence of your ability to generate ideas and concepts towards a specific purpose.

The folio should show evidence of most of the following:

  • have entry level camera skills
  • to be able to explore subject matter with multiple images
  • an appreciation of photography as a medium of communication
  • perceptual skills showing the application of photographic design principles
  • rapport with subjects
  • neatness of presentation.

Written statement

Applicants are required to answer three set questions based on their portfolio and future aspirations.


Applicants may be required to attend an interview if there are any questions raised by their portfolio or written statement.

For futher information email: design@ara.ac.nz