Portfolio requirements

When you apply to study the Bachelor of Design (Fashion Technology and Design) you'll be required to present a concept or look book, relating to your own personal fashion interests and aesthetic, of about 14-16 pages.

This may include drawings or sketches, collaged imagery, clippings, mood boards and notes. It should include a range of found and/or drawn material that expresses what excites you about fashion, and what your goals in the Fashion industry might be.

If you have made any garments, we'd love to see drawings or photographs of these as well, but mainly we need clear evidence of your engagement with fashion.

This should include clothes, hair, makeup and accessories; and should be presented so we can understand what kind of fashion field you aspire to be a part of.

Written statement

Applicants are required to answer three set questions based on their portfolio and future aspirations. Please email: design@cpit.ac.nz for further information regarding these questions


Applicants may be required to attend an interview if there are any questions raised by their portfolio or written statement.