Hardship fund emergency grant


The purpose of the Ara Hardship Fund Emergency Grant is to assist enrolled students who face unexpected financial hardship, so that they are able to continue their current course of study. The fund provides last resort assistance to students, in the form of vouchers.


Applicants must:

  • Be NZ Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Be currently enrolled
  • Have an acceptable attendance record
  • Have exhausted all other avenues of financial assistance - eg. StudyLink, WINZ, savings, overdraft, Living Allowance, family etc. (Documentation may be asked for)
  • Have attended their course for 5 weeks or more
  • Complete the Ara Hardship Fund Application Form (PDF : 60KB)


  • Emergency Grants will normally be approved to assist students to meet expenses where it is essential to enable a student to continue their course.
  • Emergency Grants are in the form of vouchers for food, petrol or bus tickets. No petrol vouchers or bus tickets will be given on a Friday for weekend use.
  • Emergency Grants are not available during holidays or within 7 days of the course end date.
  • In special circumstances, Emergency Grants may be provided immediately at the discretion of the Student Support Officer.
  • No student has an automatic right of entitlement to assistance from the fund and we reserve the right to decline an application.
  • Value: A maximum of $250.00 in emergency assistance, in the form of vouchers, may be granted at any one time with the following limits. No cash will be given.
    • Petrol up to $50.00,
    • Food up to $100.00 (Single person) - up to $200.00 (Person with dependents),
    • Bus up to $42.00 (Fortnightly pass)


Debbie Noonan
Student Support Office
Phone: 940 8238
Email: noonand@ara.ac.nz