Kā Nama me Kā Pūtea Fees and finance

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New Zealand domestic student fees

The amounts shown for domestic student fees in the programme and course listings are meant as a guide only.

  • For programmes longer than 12 months
    The fee shown is for the first year of study only (unless otherwise stated)
  • Where students have a choice of papers
    For some major programmes the fee may represent an average cost for the programme of study. This is because different courses within a programme can have different fees, so your final cost is influenced by your choice of courses.
  • Other costs
    May include costs for text books, materials, uniforms and some exams which are not included in the general tuition.
  • Student Services Levy
    The levy is charged on a capped per EFT basis and is mandatory. Ara offers a range of services and facilities designed to support students through their study. These include learning services, parking, health and welfare services, graduation and other student related services. The Student Services levy makes a small contribution to the costs of the support services. Summer school, weekend college, fully on-line courses and courses which we have a commercial agreement or contract (eg STAR, ITO) have exemption.

International Student fees

  • The amounts shown for international students in the course listings are NZ$.
  • The fees quoted include GST, language support, airport pickup, free use of campus facilities, registration/enrolment fees, exam costs, and New Zealand Export Levy fees.
  • To obtain a student visa the study fees must be paid by the due date shown on your invoice. You will then be sent an official receipt that is required by Immigration New Zealand before you can obtain your visa.

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Standard charges 2016

Type of Application


Student Services Levy$250 per year. This is compulsory for all students.

Award of a cross credit

$100 per application, for cross credits external to Ara (No charge for internal Ara cross credits or standard cross credits).

RPL assessment $100 non refundable application fee plus $100/hour. Actual charge based on estimate of time required. 
CAPL (Centre for Assessment for Prior Learning) registration fee $100 non refundable administration fee plus $100/hour. Actual charge based on estimate of time required.
Reconsideration - Remark $50 standard fee (refundable if 5% variance or change in grade from NC to pass)

Reconsideration - Independent Remark

$100 standard fee (refundable if 5% variance or change in grade from NC to Pass).

A higher fee may be set with the approval of the Academic Director if independent remarking is complex and likely to incur additional costs. 


$100 standard fee (refundable if appeal upheld)

Resubmission of assignment/project (charge applied after free entitlement, if appropriate)

$100/hour ($50 minimum charge), plus any additional materials costs - actual charge based on duration of reassessment

Second result reassessment

$100/hour, ($50 minimum charge), plus any additional materials costs - actual charge based on duration of reassessment.

Alternative assessment, where additional costs are incurred

$25/hour (invigilation costs only) or $100/hour (other costs), plus any additional materials costs

Actual charge based on duration of alternative assessment.

Duplicate result notice

No charge

Duplicate Award document (A5)


Duplicate Award document (A4)


Replacement of Student Identity Card


English language application fee


International student re-enrolment fee (to mainstream programmes when paying other than annually)


Electronic Immigration Visa Submission Charge


Interpretation of Transcript and provision of information to overseas professional bodies

$50 application fee

An hourly rate ($75 per hour) may be charged depending on the complexity of the requirements.

Homestay Placement Fee$300 Individual student
$250 Group students