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  1. Study options - Ara

    23 Nov 2017: Focused on individualised learning and customised student support, our expert tutors will encourage, guide and challenge you to reach your full potential.

  2. Apply - Ara

    22 Nov 2017: Thank you for choosing to study at Ara. To apply online, you need to complete the Application Form which you can do in stages and save as you go. If you would prefer to apply on a paper, download our Domestic Admission and Enrolment form, or

  3. Short courses - Ara

    23 Nov 2017: Whether you want to pursue a passion, improve your work skills or discover a new interest, our part time interest and hobby courses provide the perfect opportunity to fit learning into a busy lifestyle. Adult reading, writing and maths. Course. Cost.

  4. Graduation - Ara

    23 Nov 2017: Graduation is a celebration of your academic achievement which can be shared with family, friends, fellow students and the whole CPIT community.

  5. Library - Ara

    23 Nov 2017: Find. Study. Discover. Borrow. Support. About. LATEST NEWS. Students’ plastic creations spread environmental awareness. Ara Institute of Canterbury Certificate in Creativity students are turning their art into environmental action,. RIPE bursting

  6. Policies - Ara

    23 Nov 2017: Corporate Policies and Procedures. Academic Policies and Procedures. Search any of the Policies and Procedures below:.

  7. News - Ara

    23 Nov 2017. Ara Institute of Canterbury Certificate in Creativity students are turning their art into environmental action, in the. 22 Nov 2017. Ripe exhibition provides an opportunity for the public to marvel at the amazing calibre of work produced

  8. Industry & research - Ara

    22 Nov 2017: We’re here to help, offer and advice or deliver solutions designed to grow and enhance your business through customised training, professional development, student placements and much more.

  9. Foundation studies - Ara

    22 Nov 2017: Our foundation programmes are the stepping stones to further study or to a new career.

  10. Transport - Ara

    23 Nov 2017: There are several ways you can get to and from campus. We encourage you to walk, bike or bus if you can but other options are available like driving and carpooling. Details are provided below, and you can get further information from student services