Ara Christchurch travel survey

NZTA cycling image

We received 2,496 responses to the Ara Christchurch travel survey, conducted in November 2016. Thank you to everyone who responded.  

Once analysed, this will provide valuable information for our sustainable travel strategy and will guide us in providing resources to our staff and students.

With a predicted 5000 additional cars coming into Christchurch city next year, now is the time to encourage staff and students to explore sustainable travel options – even a shift in behaviour for one day a week is a great start.

Ara is working with the Accessible Christchurch to improve travel around Christchurch. As the single biggest organisation in the CBD we have a significant role to play in this – and of course sustainable travel fits neatly with our work towards more sustainable practice and preparing our graduates to be leaders in sustainability. Read the Ara sustainability vision and charter here.

Initial findings from the survey shows that the issues most important to Ara commuters are saving money, spending less time in traffic, avoiding parking hassles and convenience.

We also know from our Accessible Christchurch partners that getting fit and helping to improve the environment are important to people too.

When asked about support for change in the way you travel, a quarter to a third of you asked for more support for car-pooling. People also wanted more secure cycle parking and better information and other facilities for cycling.

Almost 50% of respondents said they were interested in, or could be interested in using a bike share scheme on campus.

So where to from here? We are already planning sustainable travel activities for Welcome Month 2017 and as we develop a sustainable travel plan for our Christchurch campuses we’ll continue to consult and communicate with both staff and students. If you’d like to contribute your ideas, email Jo Carter, Student Voice,

Find out about upcoming events on the Campus Life student website here.