As a student, you are constantly listening to and reading other people's ideas. You often use these ideas in your assignments, for instance, in a discussion that requires a variety of writer's ideas.

Referencing is an essential standardised way to acknowledge where you found the ideas and information used in your assignment. Not to acknowledge your sources is called plagiarising, an offence which carries a penalty.

Referencing is required when you:

  • quote directly i.e. copy exactly the words of another person.
  • paraphrase or summarise in your own words an idea or opinion of another person. View more information on Paraphrasing

Referencing Resources

Useful online Referencing Tools

You may use referencing software to create APA references. We recommend the following:

  • Quick©ite is a useful tool providing reference information and examples for sources such as books and online journal articles.
  • Noodle Tools Express is an accurate and user-friendly tool for generating citations.

Learning Services does not provide user or technical support for any of these tools.

Important: For accurate referencing, you must input your sources' information correctly when using referencing software. Carefully check the accuracy of the references you create - refer to APA Referencing: A Guide for Students.

If you would like assistance with Referencing, please contact us or come to our drop-in service. See drop-in session times on our Learning Services page.