Matariki celebration


Hono – Whakaaroaro – Whakamana – Whakarite – Whakaū
Connect – Reflect – Celebrate – Plan – Act

Matariki is a time to reflect on your place in the world: where you are, where you want to be.

  • 24th June – 5th July – The period when Ara will celebrate Matariki
  • 27th May – Matariki sets
  • 25th-28th June – Matariki rises
  • 25th June – 3rd July – The period over which the stars of Matariki are observed

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Māori observed the nine visible stars of Matariki during the long dark nights of winter looking for signs of the coming season.

At the same time, Māori personified the nine stars of Matariki to provide us with a framework for thinking about the world around us and what we would do over the coming year.

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Who are the stars and how do they help us?

MATARIKI – the personification of Mother & Nurturer
Matariki brings people together, connecting them with each other and their world.

TUPU-Ā-NUKU – the personification of Edible Plants
Healthy plants need healthy soils. Can you compost food scraps at home? What about a worm farm?

TUPU-Ā-RANGI – the personification of Forests
Pests and predators destroy our forests. Did you know feral cats are a major threat to native birds, insects and trees?

WAI-PUNA-Ā-RANGI – the personification of Sky Waters
Have you noticed the big changes in climate? Does it rain more or less now than when you were young? How long before the sea-level will reach your home?

WAI-TĪ – the personification of Freshwater
Why are other countries bottling our water? What’s wrong with theirs? Is our water actually that clean?

WAI-TĀ – the personification of Oceans
Did you know that fish think plastic is food, then eat it, then die? Can you commit to reduce or stop using plastic? What other options already exist?

URURANGI – the personification of Winds
Did you know windmills were used in China over 4000 years ago? We need more non-polluting and renewable sources of energy like wind.

PŌHUTUKAWA – the personification of those passed on.
Have you lost anyone this past year? What influence did they have on your life? How can you keep their legacy alive?

HIWA-I-TE-RANGI – the personification of Dreams & Aspirations
What do you want to achieve over the next year? Plan now how you will make that happen.

The Ara Matariki Framework – Free poster download
The framework draws from the essence of how the stars can guide us and provides a contemporary and tangible format for reflection and planning during Matariki.  Download the free set and use it to guide conversations with whānau, colleagues or networks.

Establish new relationships, maintain existing ones and create awareness of our efforts to connect
Ideas include shared kai, valuable conversations, orientation & induction, stakeholder events

What do I, or our students already know, what have we achieved and how far have we come.
Ideas include programme review, individual learning plans, evaluation of a project

Take the time to acknowledge success or milestones
Ideas include choosing to align an event to Matariki and celebrating success or growth

Setting new goals for the future that are anchored into the Māori New Year
Ideas include making an action plan that is measurable or simply deciding to do something different

Propose an activity or project and make a start using the framework to grow and learn
Ideas include telling a friend, colleague or whānau about your intentions for the coming semester