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30 Nov 2015

Youth Showcase

There were two common themes amongst the speakers at CPIT's Youth Transition showcase recently. One was young people looking for alternative learning environments to traditional school and the other was heartfelt thanks for the staff at CPIT who have helped these young people to succeed through Youth Transition programmes.

Alex Jobbit joined Canterbury Tertiary College (CTC), which allowed him to study Retail at CPIT while remaining enrolled in and completing NCEA credits at his secondary school. 

"Before CTC I was at school but I didn't do anything," he said. "I couldn't carry on doing nothing. The world doesn't work like that. I would love to sit and play video games all day but I can't."

Alex realised he liked his practical and theoretical studies in Retail. "Now I work hard at school and I am actually becoming a productive member of society. CPIT will whip you into shape, if you need it, but you have to want to change."

Most of the students who spoke to the large audience of peers, families and school representatives at the event had quickly realised that Youth Transitions offered them an opportunity to find out what they like to do and to then pursue it.

Along with CTC, CPIT also offers Youth Guarantee programmes, where students leave school and study full time at CPIT. Both are fee-free and align with government priorities to engage youth in different ways in order to achieve educational success. 

Youth Transitions programmes are supported with robust pastoral care to help young people adapt to the tertiary environment and overcome any difficulties they might have in literacy and numeracy or with personal challenges.

While Youth Transition programmes offer career pathways, tutors also recognise the need to enable the students to create their own future. "Youth Transition programmes are about building confidence, gaining life skills, making friends and learning to be an adult," CPIT Chief Executive Kay Giles said at the event in CPIT's new Whareora (Science and Wellbeing facility). A passionate advocate of engaging youth in vocational training, she told the students, "Your success is what makes our work worthwhile."

The approach seems to be working. "I just love it," D'Braye Kemp said several times during his presentation. "Next year I am going onto level 4 Joinery and then onto an apprenticeship. I can't thank the tutors enough."

A group of cookery students told the audience, "These courses are great, especially if you don't know what you want to do. 11 out of 15 of us are continuing our cookery studies."

TOA (Indigenous sports) students are already passing values on to younger students. "Through the Sports for Life programme we are teaching sports to young kids and each week we teach them a value like respect or participation."

Many of the speakers paid tribute to the support from their hard working tutors and pastoral staff. Of the 800 enrolments in Canterbury Tertiary College (CTC) and Youth Guarantee (including external providers) in 2015, to date more than half have enrolled in further study through programmes at CPIT and over 30% have found employment or apprenticeships.

Youth Showcase 

The Award winners are:

Programme Name

Student Awarded


Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 - Building & Construction

D'Braye Kemp

Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 – Automotive & Engineering Trades

Morgan Corby

National Certificate in Business & Computing L3

Dianna Paim

Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 - Retail

Husam Hamid

Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 - Health & Support

Nadi Wescombe

Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 - Computing

Kegan Heke

Certificate in Hospitality L2

Leiana Rakatau

Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 – Hospitality Supported Learning

Leah Wheatley

Certificate in Cookery for the Hospitality Industry L3

Hamish Scott

Certificate in Foundation Studies - Sports Training and Indigenous Culture L3

Andrew Kirk

Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 - Creative

Natasha Allan


Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 - Building & Construction

Dakota Hammond

Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 – Automotive & Engineering Trades

Scott Dawson

Certificate in Carpentry L4 – Stage One

Luke Van Den Hoven

CTC Electrical Engineering L2

Tom Johnson

Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 – Plumbing drainlaying & Gasfitting

Kayl Kiesanowski

National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing L3

Nitiksha Prasad

Certificate in Cookery for the Hospitality Industry L3

Lachie Arnold

CTC Hospitality Supported Learning L1&2

Matthew Kendall

Certificate in Foundation Studies L2 - Retail

Shaun Barnes

CTC Introduction to Sports, Wellness & Health L2

Andrew Guillen-Ireland

CTC Hairdressing

Rhayanny Da Silva Pereira