Phillipstown Community Hub

Phillipstown Community Hub

Brand new signage designed by CPIT students was launched Saturday May 23 at the new Phillipstown Community Hub open day, to help the Christchurch eastern suburb overhaul its image.

The Phillipstown Typography Project, undertaken by CPIT Bachelor of Design second year students, involved designing billboards that communicate positive visual messages about Phillipstown. 

This was part of a community initiative to help revitalise one of the city's oldest suburbs into a culturally diverse, safe, child-friendly and attractive place to live, CPIT School of Art and Design Operations Manager Tim Brown said.

"These designs also reflect the identity, aspirations and values of the community and improve perceptions of the neighbourhood. We were more than happy to be of benefit to a community that wouldn't normally have the means to come up with signage and branding ideas," 

The signs also build on the "SafeGrowth" anti-crime concept developed in the United States and implemented by the New Zealand Police in Phillipstown that a visually appealing environment increased the chances of reducing crime and making people feel safer.


CPIT design student Becca Gibbs' work has been given prominence at the hub, based at the former Phillipstown School on Nursery Road, which closed last year.

"With the Phillipstown school closure, this presented the opportunity for the project, and I've been grateful to be part of what we call a 'real world' initiative, not just in the commercial aspect of design, but in a project that benefits a whole community." 

The hub was already home to a number of community groups including potters, the Inner Christchurch East free bike maintenance group, ICECycles and Mens Shed, Phillipstown Community Centre Community Development Worker MaryAnn Bell said. 

People were invited to inspect the hub and the proposed CPIT signage at the branding launch, which would be held in conjunction with the Phillipstown Community Hub open day tomorrow.

Bell said the whole hub project had led to a successful collaboration between CPIT, the community and the Phillipstown Neighbourhood Police Team.

Team member Senior Constable McGusty, who initiated SafeGrowth in Phillipstown, said the community-led project was further enhancing the good work that had been done to improve the neighbourhood, and that the police team's work would continue "so that everyone can be safe and feel safe."

It was hoped the CPIT designs would have multiple uses, in other signage and billboards, as logos on newsletters, publications, postcards, banners, websites, T-shirts and community advertising. 

Saturday's Phillipstown Community Hub open day will be held from 11am to 2pm.