Year 10 Taster gets thumbs up

Year 10 Taster gets thumbs up

CPIT has opened its doors this week (1-4 December) to Christchurch high school students, giving them an exciting opportunity to participate in a four day Year 10 Taster programme that offers a preview of what tertiary study is like and provides an introduction to CPIT's study opportunities.

Kaiapoi High School student Georgia Bayliss says the taster has been a fantastic opportunity. The 15 year old, whose favourite subjects are art, physical education and English, is participating in the course put on by CPIT's Art and Design School.

Georgina Bayliss 
Georgia Bayliss is keen to go on to study Art and Design at CPIT after she completes school. 

"I wanted more experience of what it would be like to study at CPIT and wanted to learn more design skills," Georgia says.

"It's been great, I've really enjoyed it so far. It's been a great experience. I definitely want to come back here to study at CPIT."

CPIT Youth Transitions Manager Emma Meijer says it's rewarding that students find the experience so positive.

"The aim is to inspire young learners so they can make more informed choices about their future education," Meijer says.

School students from all over Christchurch including Cashmere High School, Burnside High School, Linwood College, Shirley Boys' High School and Christchurch Boys' High School as well as Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Whanau Tahi are participating in the event. The students, aged 14 and 15, will do practical, hands on training and earn NCEA level one credits, giving them a head start on their peers, who usually only start receiving credits in Year Eleven.

"As well as making things and learning new skills, the students will meet with tutors and get advice for pathways to take for their preferred careers," Meijer says.

Eight different programmes make up the tasters for this year and comprise: Art and Design; Broadcasting; Engineering and Architectural studies; Engineering and Manufacturing trades; Construction trades; Food, Hospitality and Travel; Music and Performance Arts; and Music Theatre.

"This is the first step that will enable learners to see what is available to them, help them decide what they want to do and show them what they can do to achieve it," Meijer says.

"The taster will also show students that secondary school is not the only way they can achieve level two NCEA credits," she added.

Students attending the programme will be accompanied by high school teachers which will help raise awareness in schools of the wide range of opportunities available for tertiary education at CPIT.

CPIT's taster programme is part of a government initiative to inspire students to stay in school and guide them towards the diverse pathways available, so they can take advantage of tertiary educational opportunities, as well as motivating them to continue achieving qualifications.

Stick insect 
Stick insect! Students create nifty insects using a leaf and a few branches.