Wall Art Echoes Vision of Hospitality

Wall Art Echoes Vision of Hospitality

The welcoming atmosphere at CPIT’s Visions on Campus restaurant extends all the way to the art work on the entrance walls. A new art commission recently unveiled at the popular training restaurant greets visitors with three ceramic bowls beautifully patterned with Maori-inspired designs.

 CPIT School of Art & Design Operations Manager Tim Brown and art & design student Elias Tyro won over the judging panel with their bicultural approach to art and food. Elias, who also works as a tattooist, said the work spoke for itself. “It’s kind of self-explanatory. I’m used to a human canvas, so this was something different.”

The artwork was commissioned by the School of Hospitality at the end of last year, however at one point the three bowls were damaged and had to be remade. They survived two earthquakes but were, in a twist of irony, damaged by Tim’s dog.

 The School of Art and Design also supported the project, which was open to CPIT staff and students.

Artist Graeme Bennett, who taught art & design at CPIT for 20 years, was on the judging panel and was impressed with artwork’s “appropriateness for the environment in terms of eating, food and things to do with plates.” The work immediately had a sense of belonging in the space, he said.

“The other thing was the colour, shape and form and how it fitted into the entrance space. It’s welcoming. And it’s fun because the plates are up vertical, so that aspect also appealed.”