Walking the Toque

Walking the Toque

 Hours of sweating over hot stoves could pay off for three CPIT Food and Hospitality students this week, when they compete in the annual Nestle Toque d'Or cooking competition.

This year's team, trainee chefs Ji-Hyun Yoo and Jaehong Park along with restaurant service student Callum Swarbrick, will vie against 33 other hospitality students in a live cook-off at the national tertiary culinary competition, which takes place in Auckland on Thursday (July 30).


 CPIT has won the event 14 times during its 25 year-old history, the last win in 2013. 

 CPIT culinary programmes manager Ryan Marshall Marshall said competitions highlighted team work and utilising skills under extreme pressure.

 "These are students under 25, and they work in conditions that senior people would crumble under, so it is amazing what they achieve and what they pull off."

 The team will be under the eagle-eye of a judging panel for two and half hours as they cook for and serve a three course meal to a table of six.