Sustainability solutions at CPIT Eco Showcase

Sustainability solutions at CPIT Eco Showcase

A group of young environmentalists are frustrated with outdated consumerist attitudes and are calling on Christchurch people to get informed and make changes in their lives.

CPIT Sustainability and Outdoor Education students Anna Ormandy, Rachael Pelvin, Arava McNally and Christopher Butlin believe there are so many things that people can do to minimise further environmental damage to the planet.

The group of four, called 'Sustain', are leading the way with an Eco Showcase at CPIT's Rakaia Centre on 5 June, 11am – 1pm. The event will highlight sustainability projects and research being done by fellow students as well as by tutors and students across the institute.


The group's main goal is for people to care about the world outside of their immediate lives and consider where things have come from, which means ensuring that buying behaviour reflects ethical values that do not exploit others or harm the environment.

What is required is a new and less materialistic approach, or "conscious consumerism", the group believes.  They think action needs to happen on both personal levels and national policy levels, such as incorporating more social and environmental aspects in economic decisions, therefore encouraging a more holistic direction for New Zealand.

Rather than shock people into action, such as through films about the critical state of the environment, Sustain want to create achievable and practical solutions.  At the Eco Showcase Sustain will encourage people to sign a petition to ban single use plastic water bottles on CPIT's campuses. Other CPIT projects include a swap meet to recycle unwanted goods, tree planting at Orana Wildlife Park, electric vehicle bootcamps and a carpooling scheme.